Launch Party Review – May 2013

Review of Colourfulpink Launch night
By Dorett Jones

BREIS: Performer May 2013

BREIS: Performer May 2013

The launch of Colourfulpink took place on Sunday 26th May 2013 virtually next door to St Paul’s Cathedral, in the heart of central London. Colourfulpink’s concept in entertaining LGBT folk offers an alternative experience of being entertained in glamour and sophistication, so to see whether or not they delivered keep on reading…

Guests arrived all togged out in our finery, from Louboutin’s and suits to satin and Bow ties. At the entrance we were greeted to a red carpet experience, complete with professional photographer and a literal red carpet. Champagne flowed, or if like yours truly you are alcohol free, then OJ was also on offer.

After effortlessly finding my table from the seating plan, we were waited on by friendly staff to a three course meal along with red and white wine. Whilst our stomachs were being taken care of our ears sampled musical delights of a mixture of Soul and RnB, as the organisers checked their guests were relaxed and taken care of.

After dining we were steered through to the lounge and entertained by the lyrically conscious BREIS who had us on our feet and per his instructions, singing out lyrics to his energetic, catchy rap.

DJs Smoochie and Lloyd blasted up the decks and dutifully delivered a job well done, as one and all danced into the early hours, on a heady concoction of soul, reggae, hip hop, funky house, dancehall,afro-beats, soca and lovers rock! Everyone raved it up and boogied, even the bartender joined us on the floor to swing his hips and a few celebrities popped in to get involved in the par-taying!

Cocktails flowed and the party was still in full swing by the time the lights came on and so with sore feet I limped to my car tentatively, yet sweetly satisfied!

So to Colourfulpink, this reviewer and raver salute’s you for an incomparable evening.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated distinct LGBT event; to be dined, entertained and dance till the birds sing, then I’ll see you for round two….

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